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Monday, December 13, 2010

Freelance content writers jobs in Kenya

Basic information
The best way to earn extra cash at the comfort of your own home is through online freelance writing. Online writing jobs have helped a lot of Kenyan youths start successful businesses or pay for school fees. Content writing is very educative and interesting because a person gets the chance to learn about a lot of things in different fields of study and get paid doing so.
Essentially, freelance writers are paid for the speed of content delivery and clarity or intelligibility of writing. You can make as much as you want in a month depending with the quality of your articles and the speed you deliver them. This is strictly a performance -based job.
A freelancer can also live anywhere in the world where there is a computer and internet connection. You will have less expenditure in terms of transport to work because the writer works at the comfort of his or her home. We have 400-500words articles on different topics available on a daily basis for you.
Important requirements in content writing:

  • Minimum education level is a Diploma in field of study.
  • 3-10 months experience in writing is a requirement.
  • Use given keywords in your articles
  • Understand and have the knowledge of different search engines (Google,, Yahoo, e.t.c) for different articles.
  • Write using simple American English.
  • Avoiding plagiarism (duplicating / copy and paste articles from the internet) at all costs and editing an essay before submission.
  • You are required to research on given topics from the internet but use your own words to write quality articles

Send your CV, cover letter to Alexis Maureen at: and for more information about this job call:
Alexis: +254-711-967-795

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